Friday, November 24, 2006

Meaning of "Tribe"

“Tribe” is generic terminology said to be synonymous with Africa society. This term has been used in historical and modern literature to describe the social and physical properties of indigenous Negro inhabitants of Africa. However, using this ambiguous term to describe African society is misleading and does not clearly define a specific social group, ethnic group, or nationality of people within Africa.

Usage of the term “tribe” to describe the diverse composition of African society perpetuates theories and images prescribed by early European colonizers. Pre-colonial Africa was believed to be underdeveloped and indigenous Africans were labeled as primitive and uncivilized. Europeans established these stereotypes to justify their attempts to colonize Africa by claiming it was their divine duty to civilize Africans. So strong was the power and influence of the Europeans that these images and stereotypes are prevalent to this day.

The African diaspora is as rich as Africa’s natural resources. To use such a broad generalization as the term “tribe” is to deny Africans of their individualism. Centuries have passed, African societies have evolved, and the term “tribe” can no longer accurately be used in describing inhabitants of this region

Friday, March 03, 2006

Does it Matter if It's Black or White???

As I’m sure you have already heard, either by watching television or listening to The Half Show, Fox FX Network is about to debut its new reality series Black White. The six-episode, race swapping reality series profiles the daily interactions of the six race swappers and their adjustments to their newly acquired melanin levels. All is made possible through the power of movie make-up and false hairpieces.

At first glance this “reality” series seems an innocent social experiment—or, “endeavor” as I like to call it—produced by R.J. Cutler and rapper Ice Cube to address the difference between the social experiences of blacks and whites. But a closer look exposes the ratings driven FX Networks and their attempt to compete with other networks such as BET and their new reality series “Countdown to Lockdown” and “College Hill”, along with MTV with their ever-popular “Real World” and other shows just like it.

The question remains: where does it end? How low can these networks stoop in their never-ending quest to dominate the sweeps period of the year? I guess the answer is not low enough. Now, I would support Ice Cube’s effort if this was a genuine social experiment but reality and common sense causes me to be suspicious. I wouldn’t support this show if it were the only show on my 300 cable channels including Telemundo. That sounds harsh but again it’s my own opinion.


Friday, January 27, 2006

And I will always love you.

Ok so I was checking my e-mail the other day and came across the following e-mail and related picture complements of


Well, wait no more.They were taken at a convenient store in Alpharetta, Georgia and proves that the singer is back on crack or something. The word is that Whitney Houston is back on crack. Jamal Mitchell of Marietta, Georgia emailed us photos that he took with the singer. "The once-stunning Grammy winner was photographed at an Atlanta gas station at 4 a.m. one morning last month, looking disheveled and bizarre in pajama bottoms, and a $50,000 fur coat and a messy wig.

Jamal: I was pumping gas and noticed her driving up in a Porsche Cheyenne SUV. She was alone as she pulled into the parking lot of the convenient store near GA 400 in Alpharetta. I told my partner, "Yo man, that's Whitney Houston! " She got out of the vehicle and purchased 5 or 6 packs of cigarettes. I approached her and asked if I could take a picture. she said, "Sure, Do you have a camera?" I ran to my car where my camera was and she took three pictures with me. She was nice, but she wasn't the Whitney Houston I was use to seeing on TV and in music videos. She was very thin too and her breath smelled like liquor and smoke.


Need I say more?


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Thug & Booty Fish Tank

I sure hope that you all are enjoying these posts. It’s just my opinion. No harm, no foul.

I just wanted to expound on the entertainment news that will air on the upcoming show. Black Entertainment Television (or BET as it is more commonly known) turned 25 in 2005. Along with this magnificent milestone, in 2002 BET Founder and CEO Robert L. Johnson sold BET to Viacom for $3 billion and signed a multi-year contract to continue to serve as chief executive officer until 2005. To some, this was a controversial move. Many in the African-American community accused Johnson of selling out.

BET, as with many other companies, succumbed to the corporate giant—following in the paths of many other corporate entities which are now successful. I don’t really have a problem with the sale. My problem, however, is with the content.

BET’s website states, “without question, BET represents the total package for the African-American audience”. I don’t know about any one else but I don’t believe that I am accurately represented by BET. However, we are all individuals. Everyone has different tastes, diverse palates. Programming that may appeal to one person may not be another person’s cup of tea. This is where (if you listen to our podcast, you will know what I’m talking about) Mr. Sumereau’s discontent stems.

I respect Mr. Sumereau’s opinion but I’m not defending BET on their programming selections. In the end, African-Americans are diverse individuals with varying tastes. The intellectuals as well as the freaks deserve good entertainment.

That’s my eight cents!


Thursday, December 29, 2005

Oh No She Didn't

Sorry that it took so long for me to get back to you. As you all have heard and seen, the World Premiere launched just about two weeks ago. We have gotten such a good response and the next show is due out hopefully by this weekend. So while you’re popping champagne bottles to the New Year, you can listen to The Half. Or you can wait until the next day when you are nursing that hang over.

SUBSCRIBE. I want to remind everyone to subscribe to the show. It’s great to listen to it once but if you subscribe new shows are automatically downloaded to your computer. Please also send us some comments. Click the Comment button on the “Podcast” page of the website. We would love to hear your suggestions.

I just want to say thank you again to all who have listened to the show. Thank you to all the potential spotlight artists for e-mailing. Thank you Cisco for sending out those e-mails. Thanks to DJ Psylence and Bryan Thomas for the music.

Now you know I had to throw some entertainment news up in here. I hear that Eminem and his estranged ex-wife, then wife again are getting remarried in January. Ok does anyone else see something wrong this? The man bashes her publicly on his first album that sold about a gabillion copies, pretty much wishes her dead, then remarries her.

I’m definitely no relationship expert but apparently no one ever explained to Eminem that once you leave something you should never go back. You left for a reason. It’s easy to think about the good times but don’t forget about the bad times. I’m not telling him that he shouldn’t forgive but keep whatever it is in the back of your mind. Now some may say: they are truly in love or people can work through their differences. Now I say that’s a bunch of you know what.

Eminem called that girl out worst than when Kanye West called out George Bush at the Katrina telethon. Well, it’s none of my business anyway. In the end, all I have to say is Congratulations.

Love & Peace -Me-saj

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Nick and Jessica are back!

Congratulations to all who have been checking out the website. I hope that you have enjoyed listening to the commercials as mush as Jason and I enjoyed putting them together. Believe me, our relationship has never been tested to the extent as it was during this whole development process. In the end, we are happy with the results and will continue to build upon the initial framework.

This page is dedicated to me and my wild imagination. Each week I will be reporting on the latest entertainment news stories—in my opinion—worth talking about. I’ll try to be as objective as possible, but I’m making no promises.

As you all know, Nick Lache and Jessica Simpson have finally called it quits. After all the speculation and denials the truth finally comes to light. However pretentious Nick and Jessica’s relationship may have seemed; was their any doubt in any of our minds that it would end sooner than it would begin. After only three years, their relationship fell victim to the vicious Hollywood break-up up cycle. It’s like an episode of Dallas, Knot’s Landing, and Beverly Hills 90210 all balled up into one. And for you younger folks Friends, Girlfriends and any other soap opera reality television show. Fortunately, for all those who are still mourning I have good news: I just saved a hundred dollars on my car insurance by switching to Gieco.

No need to fret ladies and gentlemen the new Nick and Jessica are here to fill those empty spots in your hearts, on your television, and on your computers. Need I make a formal statement? None other than yours truly and my partner Jason. Jason and Me-saj—it has a certain ring to it. Prepared to be entertained.

Consider this the introduction to an anthology. Where you find out about the content and decide whether you want to read further. The choice is yours.

Love & Peace –Me-saj

Friday, December 02, 2005

I know that you are all anxiously waiting for the debut of our first show. We hope to have it out within the next month. It will be our grand Christmas Spectacular Show. Jason and I are just smoothing out the rough edges and hope to have the show out before Christmas.

Until then you can e-mail us at the either or